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We assist you through the first three steps to creating your successful website.

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First Three Steps To A Successful Website

1. Logo Design

2. Choosing a Hosting Company

3. Choosing a Domain

Designing Your Logo

There are three avenues you can look at when it comes to designing and creating your Logo.

Does colour affect our website visitors?

1. Hire a Graphic Designer

2. Create your  logo with online software


3. Create your logo using graphics software

Adobe illustrator

Corel Draw


There are Five Logo Types

The Science Behind Colours

Domain Hosting

It is a good idea to research the hosting company you decide on to read reviews, complaints, or any other information you may require. Hosting is a monthly fee.

We mentioned choosing your Hosting Company first as they usually provide you with a free Domain Name with a Hosting package. This domain will be free for the first year of hosting, and then the standard domain yearly fee will apply.

Web Africa gives you all the information you need about disk space, unlimited emails, yearly domain fees and any other information you may need to start.

Domain Name

Aim to get your business name or something that describes what your business does.

These are just a few examples of the TLD’S that Web Africa has to offer. You will purchase your preferred domain name and renew it yearly. The yearly cost will depend on which TLD you have chosen as some are more expensive than others.

Have a look at our FAQ to answer any questions you may have.

We will gladly assist you with this process.

Five Logo Types for Website Design Colour Black for a Website Design Colour blue for a website design Colour brown for a website design Colour green for a website design Colour orange for a website design Colour purple for a website design Colour red for a website design Colour white for a website design Colour yellow for a website design
Requesting Hosting/Domain Assistance
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