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Google Analytics Reports - Information To Keep You On Top

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Your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is the most advanced analytic software that connects to a tracking code to your website.

What we Offer

Our qualified team member provides you with the information you require to increase your turnover. We can create dashboards which is a data visualisation tool that displays the status of metrics and key performance indicators for your business. Goals can be implemented and applied to specific pages or screens.

There are currently six widgets to visually organise data collected.

Google Anayltics Dashboard Widgets

This widget presents a single metric, no charts. It is ideal if you need to check one piece of information every day.

A graph display of selected information over time. Can also be viewed comparing selected information.

A great widget to have to monitor visitors from around the globe and to establish a specific country that is contributing to your turnover.

This widget plots a table of your active users against up to three selected dimensions.

Example: Sessions and Abandoned Funnels by Country.

A great widget to visualise data for selected information in percentages.

The widget offers a multitude of customisation options.

Five Goal Types


Filters are used in Google Analytics to reflect your actual real visitors.

Some of the important filters we use:


The widgets, a mini report, present data in various styles. We can generate custom reports on information that is important to you to analyse.

This dashboard contains eight widgets that give insights into your audience.

This dashboard contains twelve widgets of data. The data gives you an understanding of your social media interaction on your site.

A total of seven widgets make up this dashboard and give you insights into your audience.

A total of seven widgets providing insightful data to evaluate the efficiency of the content in your website. With this information, we can identify pages that have a high bounce rate, and adjust the content strategy.

A total of nine widgets providing analysed data for your AdWords Campaign.

Google Analytics Goal Types Google Analytics for Trusted Results
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