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 Keyword Research & Keyword Content

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Keyword Research & Website Evaluation

Knowledge is Key

 Website Evaluation & Analyses

Keyword Research & Keyword Content

Your current website is not bringing in any sales or enquiries.


Poor Keyword Content Quality

The answer to increasing your website Google rankings and traffic is quality content with researched keywords that are targeting your audience.

An organic keyword is a keyword used to attract free traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).

Rich Keyword Content Is The recipe for SEO Success 

 Keyword Content is King

Written content quality is critical to your website rankings. You will not rank on Google, or other search engines, without quality content that users need. If you are just creating content that is not solving user’s problems, answering their questions, or providing any value, you are just creating content for the sake of it

 Keyword Research

Our team offers keyword research as it is essential for a successful digital marketing strategy.

 Our Keyword Research

  1. Consultation to discuss your brand and your target audience/s.
  2. Create a list of your current keywords in your written website content.
  3. Find new and relative topics & keywords to add to your site.
  4. We do a Keyword Gap report – a report of your business website keywords and three of your top competitors.
  5. Create a keyword master list – Helping you beat your competitors.

 Keyword Gap Analysis Packages

An analysis of your site keywords alongside your competitors unique & common site keywords they rank for in search engines.

Starter Keyword Gap Analysis Package

  • Your Domain Keywords
  • Two Competitor Site Keywords
  • One Country, e.g. If your market is South Africa
  • Master Keyword PDF report that will help beat your competitor’s online performance.


Business Keyword Gap Analysis Package

  • Your Domain Keywords
  • Three Competitor Site Keywords
  • Two Countries or Five States/Provinces
  • Master Keyword PDF report that will help beat your competitor’s online performance.


Gold Keyword Gap Analysis Package

  • Your Domain Keywords
  • Five Competitor Site Keywords
  • Four Countries or Ten States/Provinces
  • Master Keyword PDF report that will help beat your competitor’s online performance.


 Need Help With Your Website Written Content?

We Are Professional Website Content Writers

We focus our attention on the current market, keyword search terms and phrases. We research competitors in your field, so we have a complete written content strategy for your business website.

Connect with us to find website written content solutions that meet your unique needs.

 Guidance on Website
 Written Content

Keyword Research & Keyword Content is essential for you website.

The minimum written website content for a page to be able to rank effectively in search engines

  • Regular website page  >300 Words
  • Cornerstone website Page  >900 Words

 Finding the Right
 Keywords to Target

High-volume search terms are great for driving traffic, but ranking for a high volume keyword is difficult. A popular keyword has more competition. We look for low volume keywords with a low difficulty score and long-tailed keywords specific in their intentions.

It is important to note that keywords may vary in ranking positions on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. Defining who your target audience is will determine which device we do a keyword search report on.

We Solve Real Problems

 what can we do for you?

 Keyword Research & Overview Report

 Analyzing the value of relevant keywords.

The importance of this report is that you can see:

  • How popular the keyword in a search is – Search Volume.
  • The trend of the keyword for the last 12 months.
  • What questions are being asked about your keyword.
  • The related keywords – Allows optimizing your written website content with additional keywords searched for in search engines.
12 Key Point
Keyword Research Report

For this example, we analyzed the keyword “Glass Vase” – Download PDF

 Get Your 12 Key Point  Keyword Research  Report

Report worth R800 – Get Your KeyWord Research Report for R400. Only Valid until 31st August 2021


Organic Search Volume National

National Unpaid entries in a search engine results page that were derived based on their contents’ relevance to the keyword query versus all the other indexed content on the web.


Organic Search Volume Global

Global Unpaid entries in a search engine results page that were derived based on their contents’ relevance to the keyword query versus all the other indexed content on the web.



The number of URL's displayed in organic search results for this analyzed keyword


CPC ( Cost Per Click )

The average price an advertiser pays for a user to click on an ad triggered by the analyzed keyword (Google Ads)



The level of competition between advertisers bidding on this keyword in PPC campaigns. Competitive density is shown on a scale of 0 – 1.00, with 1.00 being the most difficult to rank for.



The top products listings ads that appear for this analyzed keyword.



The top ads that appear for this analyzed keyword.



The interest of searches for this analyzed keyword in the last 12 months. The metric is based on the changes in the number of searches per month.


Keyword Difficulty

A percentage score out of 100. The higher the percentage the more difficult the keyword will be to rank for.


Keyword Variants

A list of keyword variants to prepare a custom keyword strategy.



Questions that are searched for using Google.


Related Keywords

Related keywords to give more opportunists for new keywords.

Plus -The organic results for Google page 1- 10.

The keyword variants, questions and related keywords give opportunities to discover new keywords.

We custom design a winning keyword content strategy for each website page with our keyword research and analysis information.

When planning your written keyword content strategy, you must ensure that you are not focusing on the same keyword across multiple pages – this is referred to as keyword cannibalization – you are competing against yourself in search engines.

 We monitor the effectiveness
 of your keyword strategy

Keyword Position Tracking

Also known as search engine results position (SERP)

Get accurate information about how your business performs on a local level and how easily users find it:

 Track Local Rankings

  • See how well your business ranks when searching from any city location.
  • Analyze the trend of your position among all local businesses in Google Maps.

 Track your custom set
 of target keywords daily

A report indicates positive & negative impacts. A steady increase in positive impact is noted when high-quality blog posts target your custom set of keywords.

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