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Boost Your Brand

 Boost Your Brand - Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Social media is a successful way to increase your brand awareness to both new and existing customers – it provides a platform to express your values, personality and engages with your audience.


Boost Your Brand

 Social Media Management  Solutions & Services

We create a solid social media marketing strategy, keeping your brand relevant with an engaged audience. With Digi Creations taking care of your social media schedules, you have more time to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Our Social Media Platforms that we use to boost your brand awareness and drive engagement.

What We Offer

 Social Media Management  (SMM)

We increase your brand awareness and connect with your customers on  social media platforms.

 The Process Of Our
 Social Media Management Services

Digi Creation’s offers Social Media Management services for your business. We will start with a 30-40 minutes introductory call or Zoom meeting to learn more about your products or services and ask you to answer some important questions to help us understand and grow your business.

Important Questions

  • Build a brand and increase a brand’s visibility.
  • Build relationships with potential customers.
  • SEO – Targeted Keywords


  • Integrity.
  • To produce and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages.
  • Give customers the most compelling shopping experience.

The best way to find your target audience is by first thinking about the specific needs your product or service fulfills.

An overview of your current social media audience.

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Generate new leads.
  • Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)
  • Boost brand engagement.
  • Build a community around your business.
  • Effective social customer service.
  • Lack of structured time.
  • Compliance concerns.
  • Unsure what to write about.
  • Fear of Failure.

For this question to be answered you will need a clear understanding on the success or lack of success on your competitors.


  • Google Docs.
  • Box.
  • Canva Team.


A team may have separate workflows for certain clients or types of projects.



Staff member or department head in charge of sign-offs.

Valuable content to be scheduled to all social media profiles.

A brief rundown of what you have tried in the past and if it was successful.

 Boost Your Brand

We create, share, and curate your most engaging content & compare

your performance to that of your competitors.

 Digi's Social Media  Toolkit

Boost Your Brand

Digi Creations have the tools to help you create social media content, track analytics, schedule posts, and more…..

All in once Place!

  1. Schedule Posts
  2. Post Insights
  3. Track Competitors
  4. Boost Your Posts
  5. Create Ads

 Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights_InPixio

 What Your Social Media Report Includes

  • New Followers
  • Posts Reach
  • Where are your fans – Countries & Cities
  • Fans by Age
  • Post Engagement
  • Engagement Rate
  • Fans by Gender
  • Competitor Social Media Tracker

Boost Your Brand

Social Media Tracker lets you track the social media accounts of your closest competitors and compare their growth and engagement levels to yours.

Social Media Tracker reports make it easy to identify the top-performing content in your niche so we can stay aware of your target audience’s social media preferences.

We schedule your social media content for when your fans are online, increasing engagement.

When your fans are online-1_InPixio

One place to manage and track all your social profiles.

Boost Your Brand


Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

  • Find the best time for your post
  • Create posts while surfing the web
  • Edit images
  • Import posts from CSV files
  • Use UTM for more accurate tracking

Insights For Your Social Media Posts

  • Find out which content works great for your audience
  • Track your audience growth
  • Get to know your audience: age, country and when they are online

Track Your Competitors In Social Media

  • Learn from your competitors’ success and fails
  • Compare yourself with competitors
  • See what content competitors are posting
  • Get weekly updates by email and create PDF reports

Boost your
social media posts

  • Increase your reach and get more people to know about you
  • See how your ads work and get detailed stats

Create ads for your social media posts

  • Create and manage ad campaigns for every funnel stage
  • See your low-performing ads and optimize them

We develop strong social media strategies and manage your social media content plan.

 Top 5 Social Media Planners

For our clients we use:

4 Types of Social Media Content

Boost Your Brand

Entertaining Social Media Content

Funny, Emotional and attention-grabbing content which resonates with our beliefs, concerns and tugs at our heartstrings.

For Example:

  1. Video’s
  2. Viral Articles
  3. Games
  4. Competitions
  5. Quizzes
Inspirational Social Media Content

Inspiring Social Media content also reaches your audience on an emotional level. Create content that your readers and followers will love and relate to!

For Example:

  1. Community Forums
  2. Reviews
  3. Storytelling – Because People love stories.
  4. Personal Stories of your client’s triumphs
  5. Gorgeous Photos
Educational Social Media Content

Social Media content that is educational and more rational and aims in helping your audience solve challenges.

For Example:

  1.  eBooks
  2. Articles
  3. Trends
  4. Infographics
  5. Demo Video’s
Trust Building Social Media Content

Social Media content that builds trust is all about price, facts, figures and providing valuable information about your products or services.

For Example:

  1. Ratings/Reviews
  2. Interactive Demo
  3. Product Features
  4. Price List
  5. Checklists
 Which Social Media platform is best
 suited for your business?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in world with over 2.2 billion monthly users.

Facebook is a must for all businesses.


Instagram is a social media platform for sharing video’s and photos and has over 500 million active daily uses.

Instagram will be your choice for infographics, images and videos should your target audience be between the ages of 18 – 49.


A platform purely for video uploads and has more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

YouTube will be your choice for video’s should your target audience by between the ages of 18 – 64.



LinkedIn™ is the world’s largest professional networking platform.

LinkedIn will be your choice to showcase your professional skills and services should your target audience be between the ages of 25 – 55.



Twitter is a social media platform with a constant flow of connections and ideas with over 200 billion tweets per year.

Twitter will be your choice for tweets about your products or services should your target audience be between the ages of 18 – 49.



Pinterest is a creative social media platform and is a great for travel, recipes, beauty, design & fashion.

Pinterest will be your choice for creative visual posts & ideas should your target audience be between the ages of 18 – 64.



Snapchat is a platform where pictures and messages are only available for a short time. It is all about sharing a moment!

Snapchat global audience was composed of more female than male users, with the female audience aged between 25 and 34 years old accounting for almost 12 percent of the total.



TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short videos.

Roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34 with 32.5% aged between 10 and 19.


It is invite-only. If you do not know someone willing to give you one of their three invitations, you’ll have to join the wait-list until Clubhouse is officially released.

Those in the age group between 35 and 54 years are 42 percent, and two percent are 55 years or older.

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