About Us

Digi Creations offers affordable WordPress website designs & WordPress website tutorials based on your theme.

"Different people start businesses for different reasons"!

“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment”.

Tony Robbins

Core Values

Honesty | Respect | Results | Integrity

Our Mission

To deliver an experience not just a service. We will act in a professional manner & ensure your privacy & confidentiality.

Our Vision

With continuous learning about our industry ( SEO Optimized WordPress Website Designs & Social Media Platform Management ) and with the ability to adapt to technological innovation, we generate new ideas for improving upon our current practices.

About us

An award-winning web development company, specializing in effective & affordable WordPress website designs. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

These are a few key reasons why people decide to start a small business, a passion, a niche in the market or a hobby that has turned part/full-time.

In 2006, after my marriage, I found that there was a niche in the market in Benoni, Johannesburg for Suit & Tuxedo hire and incorporated many other wedding-related services to my business called “Funky Formal”. In the first year of business, I needed a professional website and took on the services of a company and found it to be one of the most frustrating experiences in business. I was reliant on the expertise of the staff to portray my business image/personality and was unable to manage my website content and updates, and these updates could take weeks. A website is a financial outlay to any new business; Funky Formal was not getting any return on this investment.

In 2009 after successfully selling Funky Formal, it was time to take from that frustrating experience and educate myself on all aspects of website design and marketing. My goal was to offer a service to entrepreneurs that would give them control over there online marketing tool. Digi has taken this further over the years and now provide individualized WordPress website tutorials on your specific WordPress theme so you can manage your own updates, saving you costing monthly maintenance fees. We also offer training on managing & pre-scheduling your Facebook & Instagram Social Media postings from a single, free platform, keeping your business visible to potential clients.

Digi Creations certainly has come a long way since that painfully slow dial-up signal connecting to the internet to open source content management systems, e.g. WordPress Website Themes and the Social Media Awakening of Facebook & Instagram, changing the way we market our products & services and ever-changing technology makes for a better experience.

Digi Creations was registered as a Pty in 2017 after gaining valuable insights and life experience in the world of web design and marketing, and we relocated to Hoedspruit, Limpopo after spending two decades in the “city that never sleeps”, Johannesburg.

Our person-to-person interaction is crucial to us as our focus is on developing strong business partnerships with our clients.

We know as a small business, how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned and receive updates on important security info for your WordPress website.

Restaurant Website Design

Impressive & modern WordPress website designs to showcase your menu with delicious slideshows.

Digi Creations Accomodation Website Designs

Accomodation Website Design

Are you looking for the perfect WordPress website design to showcase your accommodation?

Mobile Friendly WordPress Website Themes

Elegant, minimalistic easy to navigate WordPress website designs, professionally designed to showcase services or products.

Digi Creations creates mobile friendly WordPress Website Designs

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