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 Advanced Marketing Insight Reports

Strengthen your online digital presence and exceed your competitors

 Advanced Marketing Insight Reports

Google Analytics & advanced marketing insight reports can help a business improve its online activities. By tracking what visitors do on your site, you can start to understand what is working and what is not.

With your business online, understanding how customers browse on the web is an essential factor in ensuring your online efforts are rewarded.

A comprehensive overview of your visitors, traffic sources, organic new & lost keywords, backlinks gained and lost & a technical site audit. Giving you insight into which traffic sources are profitable and ensuring an excellent customer experience by monitoring any technical problem areas.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Traffic Analysis Summary
  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Visits
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  1. Traffic Analytics: Traffic Sources
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Search
  • Social
  • Paid (Google Ads)
  1. Traffic Analytics: Metrics Chart by Device (Unique Visitors)
  2. Traffic Analytics: Traffic Sources Trend by Type
  3. Traffic Analytics: Top Traffic by CountriesKeywords
  • New vs Lost Organic Keywords
  • Improved vs Declined Organic Keywords
  1. Backlinks
  • Backlinks: Types
  • New & Lost Backlinks
  1. Site Audit
  • Site Health
  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Notices
  • Top Issues

Competitive Analysis is a foundation of digital marketing. Full Organic Competitor Research report will tell you all you need to know about your competitor’s organic search performance. If you know your biggest competitors, you can gather insights into what they do well and build your own strategy to outperform theirs.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Organic Search: Summary
  1. Organic Search: Keywords by Country
  1. Traffic: Organic vs Paid
  1. Organic Search: Top Keywords
  1. Organic Search: Keyword Position Distribution
  1. Organic Search: Top Competitors
  1. Organic Search: Competitive Position Map
  2. Organic Branded Search
  1. Branded vs Non-Branded
  1. Organic Search: Branded Traffic Trend
  • Keywords
  • Traffic
  • Traffic Cost
  1. Organic Search: Traffic chart
  2. Organic Search: Keyword’s chart
  3. Organic Search: Positions 1 – 100
  4. New vs Lost Organic Keywords
  5. Position Changes: New Organic Keywords 1 – 100
  6. Position Changes: Lost Organic Keywords 1 – 100
  7. Improved vs Declined Organic Keywords
  8. Position Changes: Improved Organic Keywords
  9. Position Changes: Declined Organic Keywords
  10. Organic Search: Top Competitors 1 – 100
  11. Organic Search: Pages 1 – 100



A full technical SEO report to assist in ensuring that your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Essential elements of Technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.


Your Report Includes:

  1. Site Health
  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Issues
  • Top Issues
  1. Invalid structured data items
  2. Slow page (HTML) load speed
  3. Malformed links
  4. Unminified JavaScript and CSS files
  5. Missing hreflang and lang attributes
  6. Low text to HTML ratio
  7. Too many on-page links
  8. Long title element
  9. Short title element
  10. Blocked external resources in robots.txt
  11. Multiple h1-h6 tags
  12. Links with no anchor text
  13. Resources formatted as page links
  14. Blocked from crawling
  15. Pages with only one internal link

 Advanced Marketing Insight Reports

Organic Competitor Search Positions Report  show your website’s top organic search competitors, keywords they get their traffic from, ranking for any SERP features and more. (An analysis of your competitor’s search engine optimization.)

Your Report Includes:

  1. Organic Search: Positions 1 – 100
  2. Keywords
  3. Position
  4. Volume
  5. KD (Keyword Difficulty)
  6. CPC (Cost Per Click)
  7. URL
  8. Traffic %
  9. Costs %
  10. Com (Competitive Density)
  11. Result
  12. Trend
  13. Last Update

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building. This backlink report gives opportunities for quality backlinks by analyzing your competitor’s backlink profile.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Backlinks: Totals
  • Total Backlinks
  • Authority Score
  • Referring Ips
  • Referring Domains
  1. Backlinks: Follow vs Nofollow
  2. Backlinks: Types
  • Text
  • Image
  • Form
  • Frame
  1. New & Lost Backlinks
  2. Backlinks: Top Referring Domains
  3. Backlinks: Top Indexed Pages
  4. Competitors
  5. Organic and Referral Traffic
  6. Traffic Analytics: Traffic Sources Trend by Type
  7. Organic Search: Traffic chart
  8. Organic Search: Keyword’s chart

We discover your closest paid search competitors, including their bidding on keywords. We analyze live ad examples from your competitor’s campaigns. With this data, you will be able to research, plan, and execute successful PPC campaigns and audits.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Paid Search: Summary
  2. Paid Search: Ad Keywords by Country
  3. Traffic: Organic vs Paid
  4. Paid Search: Top Keywords
  5. Paid Search: Ad Copy Position Distribution
  6. Paid Search: Top Competitors
  7. Paid Search: Competitive Positioning Map
  8. Sample Ads
  9. Paid Search: Positions Summary
  10. Paid Search: Traffic
  11. Paid Search: Keywords
  12. Paid Search: Traffic Cost
  13. Paid Search: Positions
  14. New vs Lost Paid Keywords
  15. Position Changes: New
  16. Position Changes: Lost
  17. Improved vs Declined Paid Keywords
  18. Position Changes: Improved
  19. Position Changes: Declined
  20. Paid Search: Competitors
  21. Paid Search: Ad Copies
 Advanced Marketing Insight Report

Benchmark your company’s website online performance against your competitors. A complete report of website traffic stats, organic and paid search progress, ads, backlinks, brand mentions, and social media performance.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Website Traffic & Visitor Engagement
  • Traffic Analytics: Summary
  • Traffic Analytics: Traffic Share by Device
  • Traffic Analytics: Top Traffic by Countries
  • Traffic Analytics: Top Subdomains
  • Traffic Analytics: Traffic Sources
  • Traffic Analytics: Top Referring Sites
  • Traffic Analytics: Top Search Engines
  • Traffic Analytics: Top Social Networks
  1. Comparing Website Traffic to Other Competitors
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison (Overview)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison (Top Traffic by Countries)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison (Traffic Sources)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison Chart (Visits)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison Chart (Unique Visitors)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison Chart (Bounce Rate)
  • Traffic Analytics: Competitors Comparison Chart (Avg. Visit Duration)
  1. Market Overview & Market Share
  • A broad picture of the analyzed market
  • Market trends
  • Typical marketing mix
  • Audience age, gender, and interests
  • Competitors’ market shares
  • Similar sites
  1. Organic Search Performance

In this section, the competitor’s organic search performance is shown for the selected country and selected mobile verses desktop traffic in the current month.

  1. Branded vs Non-Branded
  • Organic Search: Top Keywords
  • Organic Search: Keyword Position Distribution
  • Organic Search: Top Pages
  • Traffic: Organic vs Paid
  1. Competition in Organic Search Results
  • Organic Search: Top Competitors
  • Organic Search: Competitive Position Map
  1. Link Building Performance
  • Backlinks: Totals
  • Authority Score
  • Referring IPs
  • Referring Domains
  • Backlinks: Follow vs No follow
  • Backlinks: Top Referring Domains
  • Backlinks: Top Countries
  1. Comparing Link Building Performance to Other Competitors
  • Backlinks: Competitors Comparison (Overview)
  • Backlinks: Competitors Comparison Chart (Total Backlinks)
  • Backlinks: Competitors Comparison by Referring Domains
  1. Advertising: Paid Search
  • Paid Search: Summary
  • Paid Search: Top Keywords
  • Sample Ads
  • Paid Search: Ad Keywords by Country
  • Competition in Paid Search Results
  • Paid Search: Top Competitors
  • Paid Search: Competitive Positioning Map
  1. Advertising: Display Ads
  • Display Advertising: Summary
  • Display Advertising: Top Publishers
  • Display Advertising: Sample Text Ads
  • Display Advertising: Sample Image Ads
  • Display Advertising: Landing Pages
 Advanced Marketing Insight Report

Your Google Ad report makes it easy to analyze and visualize the data to reveal insights and opportunities. The report will be presented in a line chart, bar chart and pie chart.

Your Report Includes:

  1. Google Ads Overview

Google Ads: Performance Overview

ImpressionsThe number of times your ads are shown in Google’s search results or on the Google Network.

Clicks The number of clicks on your ads.

CTR% The number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.

CostThe total amount you paid for your ads.

CPCThe average cost you pay for each click on your ads.

ConversionsAn action that is counted when someone interacts with your ad, and then takes an action that you have defined as valuable to your business.

  1. Google Ads: Impression’s Graph
  2. Google ads Clicks Graph
  3. Google Ads: CTR (%) Graph
  4. Google Ads: Conversions Graph
  5. Campaign’s Performance
  • Google Ads: Top Campaigns by Clicks
  • Google Ads: Performance Table
  1. Keyword’s Performance
  • Google Ads: Top Keywords by Clicks
  • Google Ads: Keywords Performance
  1. Conversions
  • Google Ads: Conversions
  • Google Ads: Top Campaigns by Conversions

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