Who we are

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Core Values

Honesty | Respect | Results | Integrity

Our Mission

To deliver an experience, not just a service. We will act professionally & ensure your privacy & confidentiality.

Our Vision

With continuous learning about our industry (SEO Optimized WordPress Website Designs & Social Media Platform Management) and with the ability to adapt to technological innovation, we generate new ideas for improving upon our current practices.

Digi Creation Pty Ltd is an award-winning web development & marketing company, specializing in effective & affordable SEO WordPress website designs.

We have 15 years experience in small business management and has vast global experience of both small and large scale projects.

These are a few key reasons why people decide to start a small business, a passion, a niche in the market or a hobby that has turned part/full-time.

In 2006, after my marriage, I found that there was a niche in the market in Benoni, Johannesburg for Suit & Tuxedo hire and incorporated many other wedding-related services to my business called “Funky Formal”. In the first year of business, I needed a professional website and took on the services of a company and found it to be one of the most frustrating experiences in business. I was reliant on the expertise of the staff to portray my business image/personality. I was unable to manage my website content and updates, and these updates could take weeks. A website is a financial outlay to any new business; Funky Formal was not getting any return on this investment.

In 2009 after successfully selling Funky Formal, it was time to take from that frustrating experience and educate myself on all aspects of website design and marketing. My goal was to offer a complete service to entrepreneurs that would give them control over there online marketing tool.

Now 11 years later with sound knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS & content management systems and having mastered organic marketing (driving website traffic, generating and converting leads without the use of paid advertising) strategies we are ready to establish your business as a niche in your industry by providing insightful and valuable website content.

Digi Creation has taken this further over the years and now provide individualized WordPress website tutorials on your specific WordPress theme so you can manage your own updates, saving you costing monthly maintenance fees. We also offer training on how to pre-schedule your Social Media accounts, e.g. Facebook & Instagram, by scheduling your posts from a single, free platform, keeping your business visible to potential clients.

Our person-to-person interaction is crucial to us as our focus is on developing strong business partnerships with our clients.

We know as a small business; how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

Tips for a Successful Online Business

As entrepreneurs we are determined, competitive, ambitious, and innovative.

Website Content

Website Content is about informing your visitors about your services and creating interest. On each page of your site, there are relevant keywords and phrases which enable visitors to arrive at your site via search engines. Ensure there are at least 300word to every page. Write as if you are face to face with your client and explaining your product or service. Make sure to include any legal documents such as terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie compliance notices.

Track and Measure your Marketing Efforts

Use Google Analytics to track your daily visitors, see who is buying and who isn't – you will discover a trend and will be able to improve user experience and boost sales. E-commerce online stores must enable the e-commerce view, which will enable you to track product sales, bounce rates, cart abandonment, traffic source, etc. Google Analytics Funnels are a great way to monitor where your customer enters your website and exits, and if a particular goal was achieved. The data is endless that will help conversion rates.

Online Reviews

Online reviews from your consumers about your products or services is essential for your success; it shows potential buyers that you are reliable and trustworthy. Use your online reviews in your Social Media strategy. Answer your customers who have rated you negatively – offer them a refund, exchange or an apology. Great platforms to get some online reviews is "Google My Business" and Facebook.

Have a Social Media Social Strategy

Consumers now want instant gratification, and with social media, this allows for immediate interaction and customer feedback. You can use your Social Media platforms for promotions, contests and paid advertising.

Use Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to target users based on location, demographics, age, gender & profile information ( interests, etc.). Because you can be specific on your target audience, Facebook marketing campaigns are often a very profitable way to market your business products or services. Facebook ads average between $0.50 - $2.00 per click, but you are in control of the daily budget, and you will never spend more than your max budget.

Use Google Ads

Google Ads was formerly known as Google AdWords, and you pay only for actual measurable results such as website clicks and business calls. With Google Ads, you can set a monthly budget, and you can choose if you want your audience to be global or local. There are five different types of Google Ads: 1) Search Network campaign 2) Display Network campaign 3) Shopping campaign 4) Video campaign 5) App campaign. Contact us to find out which Google campaign would best suit your business goal.